Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the fish come from and are they endangered?
Three of the species (Cod, Salmon, Wolffish) come from waters around Iceland. Fish used to produce Fiskur Leather are not endangered. We would be unable to legally import and sell any endangered species.

Why use fish leather?
Fish leather offers a number of benefits. It is strong, durable, thin and pliable. These characteristics make it suitable for use by home crafters as well as industry designers. The skins dye beautifully as well as take numerous finishes from nubuk to waxed to gold and silver overlays. 

Does fish leather stink of fish?
Any smell associated with the fish leather is not "fishy" but rather like the smell of any other leather. Cats have been offered the choice of tanned fish leather or their regular food. The cats choose their food. There is no fishy smell to the pieces.

How long does it take to get my fish leather order?
If we have the leather on hand, we will ship in 1-3 days. If we must custom order, it may take 8-10 weeks.

Will you custom order?
Yes. Custom orders can be done. There may be a minimum order depending on the color and finish. Allow 8-10 weeks. Custom orders can be done to match or coordinate with a textile sample you have.

Do I need special equipment to work with fish leather?
Working with fish leather is do-able for the home crafter. You can use a home sewing machine with a leather needle (available from a local sewing store). It is also recommended that you use a quilter’s walking foot or a Teflon foot. You can also hand feed the leather with the feed dogs down. To avoid marks on the leather, especially those with metallic overlays, cover both the top and bottom layers with parchment paper and sew. Tear away the paper when you are done.

Hand sewing and beading is also possible. It works best with a leather needle. Joe recommends using Rtiza Tiger Thread for hand-sewing any project. It is braided and waxed and lays flat on the leather. Sewing thread should be nylon or a poly blend. Cotton is not recommended.

Is fish leather Eco-friendly?
Our leathers are the by-product of the fishing industry in Iceland and therefore eco-friendly. Also, because there is no fur or hair to remove, the process is easier on the environment.

Will you give me a discounted rate if I place a large order?
Our markup is very low to make the products affordable to the public. Please send an email inquiry regarding this to: joe@fiskurleather.com