Training 101 | Fiskur Leather

Several topics for training will be added here over the next several weeks:

Pam will offer Tips for working with Fish Leather. She will also be posting videos of making fish leather covered buttons as well as making her rolled leather beads.

Do you have an interest in learning the art & science of FISHSKIN Tanning? If so - head to the product section & search for "fishskin". A Zoom class in technical skills for FishSkin Tanning can be scheduled with individual students . To date, Joe has tanned the following  species: walleye, trout, burbot, salmon, halibut, rockfish, ling cod, northern pike, bass, crappie, sheepshead, red snapper, redfish, flounder, catfish, sturgeon, triggerfish and shark. Sign up today for this exciting venture into technical fishskin tanning.